Mar 22, 2024 (JST)

Official release of AI speech synthesis software "VoiSona Talk" started! Introduction of initial characters & announcement of additional characters!

Techno-Speech, Inc. (located in Higashi-ku, Nagoya and led by Representative Director Keiichiro Oura) released the official version of its AI speech synthesis software "VoiSona Talk," which uses the latest AI technology to realistically reproduce human speech on March 22, 2024.

On September 1, 2023, we released a trial version of our speech synthesis software "VoiSona Talk" and have received a lot of feedback from our users, which has led to many improvements. After making various improvements, including the preset feature for speech styles and a user dictionary feature, we were able to release the official version on March 22, 2024. We are very grateful to our users for their feedback and warm encouraging comments so far.
New users can start using the software for free by registering an account at the official website below. Please download the latest version of the software and try it out. Existing users do not need to register again. "Tanaka San," a female voice library that is included as the default voice library and is characterized by her cute, slightly childish voice juxtaposed with a calm speaking tone, will continue to be available free of charge after the official release.

URL: https://voisona.com/talk/

[About VoiSona Talk]
<Basic Editing Features>
You can synthesize voice simply by selecting the speaker in the track at the top of the window and entering text in the text field in the middle of the window. You can change any speech speed, volume, pitch, intonation strength, huskiness, and speech style in the editing UI on the right side of the window. In addition, on the editing UI at the bottom of the window, you can change readings, insert and delete pauses, change accents, and change phoneme lengths, etc., allowing you to create the nuances you want.

<Interpolation Feature for Speech Styles>
You can change the interpolation ratio of the speech style even in the middle of a sentence. It is possible to reproduce speech styles such as a gradual change from a sad voice to a happy voice.

<Preset Feature for Speech Styles>
There is the preset feature UI on the right side of the window that saves and restores preset values for speech speed, volume, pitch, speech style, etc., for each voice library. Favorite presets can be registered.

<User Dictionary Feature>
There is the UI on the right side of the window for the user dictionary feature, which registers user-specific proper nouns. By registering the readings and accents of proper nouns that occur frequently in your environment in advance, you can synthesize speech without having to edit the readings and accents each time.

[About the Initial Characters]
With the official release of VoiSona Talk, four characters are now available for purchase in addition to the free one. We hope you will use them for your creative activities.

  • Tanaka San (Management: Techno-Speech, Inc.)
    • Profile: She is an ever-smiling PR representative working for a speech synthesis software company. At work, she exemplifies a serious and sensible member of society. She enjoys collecting rain umbrellas and parasols, and even handcrafting them. She reportedly has a variety of umbrellas, including those for walking outside, admiration, and even for battle. Her grip on an umbrella handle is demonically strong.
    • Price: free
  • Sato Sasara (Management: CeVIO Project)
    • Profile: A very ordinary girl who likes anime and video games. Cheerful, optimistic, a natural airhead. She gets so much criticism for being silly. She doesn’t know if it’s real or an act. She tries her best to be serious, and sometimes sulks when she gets teased too much. She tries her best every day for those who support her.
    • Price: 660 yen per month, 4,950 yen per year, 9,900 yen for outright purchase (all tax included)
  • Suzuki Tsudumi (Management: CeVIO Project)
    • Profile: She's a somewhat reserved girl who suits her short haircut well. While she maintains a good relationship with Sasara, their different hobby preferences sometimes lead to a disconnect in their conversations. She isn't particularly chatty, but her enthusiasm shows when discussing her favorite subjects. Also, she's a literary girl with a preference for novels over manga. A dependable big sister who can smoothly handle any task thrown her way.
    • Price: 660 yen per month, 4,950 yen per year, 9,900 yen for outright purchase (all tax included)
  • Takahashi (Management: CeVIO Project)
    • Profile: He's like the friendly guy next door to Sasara. He comes to her aid when she's in trouble and often offers her treats. His first name has recently been revealed.
    • Price: 660 yen per month, 4,950 yen per year, 9,900 yen for outright purchase (all tax included)
  • Futaba Minato (Management: Gasoline Alley Inc.)
    • Profile: She was born in a rural town surrounded by nature. While she may not be the most noticeable person, there's something intriguing about her voice. She always seems to be on edge, but when she relaxes, she can be a bit clumsy at times.
    • Price: 660 yen per month, 4,950 yen per year, 9,900 yen for outright purchase (all tax included)

<Cross-platform Campaign>
Along with the official release of "VoiSona Talk," a campaign is now offered to allow owners of the "Sato Sasara," "Suzuki Tsudumi," "Takahashi," and "Futaba Minato" talk voice libraries from sister brand "CeVIO AI" to use the same talk voice libraries on "VoiSona Talk" for free. The same quality of synthesized voices as "CeVIO AI" talk voice library will be available on "VoiSona Talk" as well. Please take this opportunity to try it out.
*The activated serial number of the "CeVIO AI" talk voice library must be entered.

[About the Characters That will Be Implemented]
The following additional voice libraries for VoiSona Talk are scheduled for release in 2024. We hope you will look forward to them.

  • Tsurumaki Maki (Management: AHS Co.Ltd.) : Scheduled for June
  • Tsurumaki Maki English (Management: AHS Co.Ltd.) : Undecided time
  • Koharu Rikka (Management: TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT) : Scheduled for June
  • Natsuki Karin (Management:TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT) : Scheduled for June
  • Hanakuma Chifuyu (Management: TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT) : Scheduled after October 21