Tsurumaki Maki English
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弦巻マキ(Tsurumaki Maki) English

弦巻マキ(Tsurumaki Maki) English

Language: English
Speaking styles: Fine, Angry, Calm, Sad, Mild

"VoiSona Talk Tsurumaki Maki English" is a text-to-speech software featuring the vibrant and articulate voice of voice actor, Manami Tanaka. Being able to convey a range of emotions, this software brings characters to life.


弦巻マキ(Tsurumaki Maki) English

Tsurumaki Maki English

In 2007, she debuted as a member of "jam band", the image character of "MusicMaker", a music creation software released by AHS Co. Ltd.
In the girls' band "jam band," she is the leader of the band. She plays the guitar, and her guitarist's name is Musutan.
Her habit is to say, "Gyun-gyun ikuyo!"

Birthday: September 15
Favorite food: Lasagna
Specialty food: Omelette rice


Illustration: Ataro Umetani

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