Koharu Rikka
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小春六花(Koharu Rikka)

小春六花(Koharu Rikka)

Language: Japanese
Speaking styles: Happy, Normal, Angry, Sad, Calm

"VoiSona Talk Koharu Rikka" is a text-to-speech software featuring the bright and energetic voice of Yoshino Aoyama, a talented voice actor. Being able to convey a range of emotions, this software brings characters to life.



小春六花(Koharu Rikka)

Koharu Rikka

Name: Koharu Rikka
Second year high school student, 160 cm tall, birthday May 16
That's all for the profile.
Please feel free to create or find your favorite Koharu Rikka.


Character design and illustration: Nari Teshima

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