Breathe life into words
with your hands.

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Free AI Text-to-Speech Software.

VoiSona Talk is a voice creation software that realistically replicates human speech using the latest AI technology. Developed and refined over many years, its AI technology produces superior synthesized voice quality. Available on both Windows and macOS with significantly enhanced editing features, VoiSona Talk is now easier to use and supports the needs of professionals.

The female voice library "Tanaka San," characterized by her cute and slightly childish voice juxtaposed with a calm speaking tone, is included for free. We hope that this will be useful for your creative activities.

  • * Click here for terms and conditions.
  • * CeVIO Creative Studio and CeVIO AI exclusive voice libraries cannot be used with VoiSona at this time. Cross-platform support for each voice library is being worked on and considered.

Easy to use.
Just input text.

By simply inputting text, you can create surprisingly natural voices. We also provide an intuitive interface for reading corrections and accent modifications. You can create your own dictionary to register frequently used words. The ability to freely combine various styles from the voice library, coupled with easy controls for pitch, age, huskiness, and speed, enables you to easily create emotionally rich voices.

An interface designed to
enrich words with your dedication.

Gradually change styles within speech

In addition to setting style ratios for individual speeches, it is also possible to vary these ratios within a single speech. This enables the free expression of emotions that evolve over time, such as anger that gradually intensifies or sadness that dissipates into cheerfulness.

Complete control of speech timing

Adjust speech timing using intuitive controls. Simply shift the starting time line of each phoneme (vowel or consonant) of the speech forward or backward, allowing for precise control over when speech is voiced.

Intuitive freehand control of pitch,
volume, voice quality and huskiness

Directly shape the output with freehand manipulation as you view the lines output by AI to make adjustments as you wish.

A powerful ally for video production,
available on both Windows and macOS.

VoiSona Talk is available for use on both Windows and macOS.
The speeches you create can be exported individually or mixed together.
Easily create video narrations or bring characters to life with meticulously crafted speeches.
Please use it for a variety of purposes.