Jun 28, 2024 (JST)
Voice library information

"Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML 2.0" is released as an additional voice library for AI singing software "VoiSona"!

Techno-Speech, Inc., (headquarters: Higashi-ku, Nagoya; Representative Director: Keiichiro Oura), developer of singing software VoiSona, which realistically reproduces human singing voices using the latest AI technology, released "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML 2.0," a Japanese song voice library developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nao Udagawa), as the additional voice library on June 28, 2024.

"Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" is a song voice based on "REML" (CV. Wotaha) from DEN-ON-BU. "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" is available as a voice library for "CeVIO AI", a sister brand of "VoiSona", and is also available for "VoiSona" from June 28, 2024. In addition, version 2.0 is also available, which enables even higher quality voice output than the previous version 1.X series.

  • Voice library name: Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML
  • Language: Japanese
  • URL:https://voisona.com/song/artist/reml_ja_JP/
  • Release date: June 28, 2024
  • Format: Download
  • Pricing:
    • Outright purchase plan: 13,200 JPY (12,000 JPY without tax)
    • Annual subscription plan: 6,600 JPY (6,000 JPY without tax)
    • Monthly subscription plan: 880 JPY (800 JPY without tax)

* Available options are 1.0, which outputs audio equivalent to the existing "CeVIO AI Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML Song Voice," and 2.0, which allows for even higher quality audio output.

A clone created by the global company "GR Corporation." Based on the original "REML," the "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" is mass-produced, with individuals or organizations acting as owners, managing and possessing them. "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" possesses a pseudo-emotion called "MusicCrystal," which allows it to perceive music. It undergoes unique transformations based on the resonating music, resulting in a wide range of variations.

[Cross-platform campaign information]
For users who have already licensed "CeVIO AI" version of "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML", a campaign will be held to allow them to use "VoiSona" version of "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" free of charge. After logging in, please enter the serial number of "CeVIO AI" version of "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" on the campaign page below to receive a free license. Please take this opportunity to try it out.

URL: https://voisona.com/license/reml_ja_JP_song/
* Login is required.
* Registration of credit card information is NOT required to start subscription.

[VoiSona 'Chis-A' 2nd Anniversary Song Contest]

As part of the 2nd anniversary celebration of the release of VoiSona's default voice library "Chis-A," songs using "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" can be entered in the Duet category of the 'VoiSona "Chis-A" 2nd Anniversary Song Contest.' Please check the application requirements and other details at the URL below and feel free to participate enthusiastically.
Note: We are currently in the process of adding "Decentralized Autonomous Golem REML" to the contest. Therefore, it is expected that actual entries will be possible starting from July 1st.