Feb 13, 2024 (JST)

Update (version 1.9.0)

"VoiSona" version 1.9.0 is now available.
Please download it from the DOWNLOAD page.

Major functional improvements

  • Changed the shortcuts for "Play," "Stop," and "Return to Zero" in the editor playback control to "Spacebar," "0 on the numeric keypad," and "Comma" respectively when used as a plug-in with ARA disabled.
  • Changed the default setting of initial lyrics from pitch names to the scale degrees.
  • Changed the default setting of the editing screen background to follow the scale degrees.
  • Added an option to follow the initial lyrics and the background of the edit screen to the pitch names to the Preferences.
  • Added "Initial Lyrics" to the Preferences.
  • Added a feature to display recommended tempo for currently selected voice library on the tempo property screen.
  • Added a feature to toggle visibility of the dynamics symbol area.
  • Changed to display the Batch lyric entry screen and the Property screen on the right side of the editor.
  • Added a feature to zoom in and out in the time direction by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding down the Ctrl(command) key on the ruler or time direction scroll bar.
  • Added a feature to move in time direction by mouse wheel scrolling on the ruler or time direction scroll bar in the track area of the standalone app.
  • Moved freeze button and voice library selection button to track area in the standalone app.
  • Changed to display within the editor screen instead of in a separate dialog when used as a plugin.
  • Changed UI design.

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with noise during playback and note input.
  • Fixed an issue where closing the editor screen would interrupt the freeze process.
  • Fixed an issue with reverse zoom in/out operations in the track area of the standalone app.
  • Fixed an issue of copying time signatures with Alt + drag that did not change them correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with pasting key signatures, where they might be placed in a position not at the beginning of a measure.

Removed features

  • Removed Freeze and Export features using "Waveform Generator Prototype A" provided in the Chis-A Japanese Song Voice Library 1.x.