Jun 15, 2023 (JST)

Update (version 1.6.0)

"VoiSona" version 1.6.0 is now available.
Please download it from the DOWNLOAD page.

Major functional improvements

  • Improved UI for editing music symbols (tempo, beats, key signature, and dynamics symbols).
  • Added a feature to operate as a different tool while the Ctrl (Cmd) key is held down in the Selection tool, Bulk Selection tool, Eraser tool, and Split/Join tool.
  • Added "Unset Slur" to the shortcut menu (*No default key assigned).
  • Added "Paste only Lyrics" feature to the right-click menu of notes.
  • Added a feature to start the main window of the host application with the window size at the last exit.

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that timing parameters sometimes changed drastically when changing beats.
  • Fixed an issue that slowed down various operations for scores that contain a lot of tempo information.
  • Fixed an issue with garbled characters when entering multibyte symbols following English lyrics with "Auto Split English lyrics" turned on.