Feb 16, 2023 (JST)

Update (version 1.3.0)

"VoiSona" version 1.3.0 is now available.
Please download it from the DOWNLOAD page.

Major functional improvements

  • Added the function to synchronise tempo when using from some DAWs that support ARA2.
  • Improved bulk selection tool so that tempo and dynamic symbols can also be selected.
  • Added properties window to allow editing of multiple notes at once.
  • Changed the reference position for pasting to the position of the playback bar instead of the right-click position.
  • Changed so that the shortcut "Ctrl(Cmd)+V" can be used for pasting.
  • Added the shortcut for displaying the note properties window so that it can be mapped. *The default is no mapping.
  • Changed the default quantization unit when entering notes from quarter note to sixteenth note.
  • Changed to disable vibrato when exporting to a CCS file if the global vibrato amplitude parameter is 0.0.
  • Added English terms of use to the installer.
  • Changed to allow some vowel phonemes (a, i, u, e, o) to be entered in upper case. *Sound may change from lower case.
  • Reduced noise in long silent sections.

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where exported CCS files could not be loaded in CeVIO AI.
  • Fixed a problem where the song editor could not be operated once played when used from Bitwig Studio.
  • Fixed a problem where music symbols could not be moved or deleted if they contained a music symbol at the start position when selecting music symbols.
  • Fixed a problem where the timing was reset when adding a music symbol at the end of a score.
  • Fixed a problem with some DAWs where the DAW tempo did not appear to be reflected in the Song Editor when adding a new track.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple key signatures and beats could not be moved correctly when using drag and drop.
  • Fixed a problem where text input sometimes did not work correctly on MacOS.