Tohoku Zunko
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東北ずん子 (Tohoku Zunko)

東北ずん子 (Tohoku Zunko)

Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: F#3 to F#4
Recommended tempo: 70-170 BPM

This product is created with the voice of Sato Satomi, a renowned voice actor celebrated for her captivatingly cute and gentle tones. With delicate breathiness and a tender, melodic cadence, her vocals embody charm and warmth.



東北ずん子 (Tohoku Zunko)

Tohoku Zunko

A girl who loves Zunda rice cakes. With Zunda Arrow, she can transform any rice cake into Zunda Mochi.

Age: 17 (attends the high school division of Furusato Jogakuin, an integrated elementary, junior high, and high school)
Birthday: October 27
Hobbies: Making Zunda rice cakes, creative cooking using Zunda bean paste


Illustration: Ninico Edomura

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