Tohoku Kiritan
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東北きりたん (Tohoku Kiritan)

東北きりたん (Tohoku Kiritan)

Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: G#3 to D5
Recommended tempo: 123-184 BPM

This product is created with the voice of Himika Akaneya, a talented voice actor renowned for her calm and adorable vocal delivery.



東北きりたん (Tohoku Kiritan)

Tohoku Kiritan

A reclusive girl who loves playing games. The hair ornament on her head is a knife.

Age: 11 (Fifth-grade elementary school student. Belongs to the elementary division of "Furusato Jogakuin")
Birthday: February 13
Hobbies: Zunko, gaming, being a shut-in, collecting Doujinshi


Illustration: Ninico Edomura

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