Tohoku Itako
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東北イタコ (Tohoku Itako)

東北イタコ (Tohoku Itako)

Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: G3 to D5
Recommended tempo: 75-187 BPM

This product is created with the voice of Ibuki Kidoa, a distinguished voice actor celebrated for her solid and mature tones. With a unique blend of softness and power, her vocals resonate with strength and depth.



東北イタコ (Tohoku Itako)

Tohoku Itako

A young adult working as an itako (a shrine maiden who can communicate with the spirits of the deceased) and possessing fox ears.

Age: 19 (She is a professional itako, a rare talent who graduated at the top of her class from Itako Vocational School.)
Birthday: June 24
Hobby: Being a producer for Zunko


Illustration: Ninico Edomura

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