Shikoku Metan
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四国めたん (Shikoku Metan)

四国めたん (Shikoku Metan)

Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: F3 to F5
Recommended tempo: 70-180 BPM

This product is created with the voice of Koyuki Tanaka. This voice library has a sincere and transparent tone, with clear articulation and a distinct accent.



四国めたん (Shikoku Metan)

Shikoku Metan

She goes by the name "Jet-Black" Metan.
Her family has fallen on hard times, forcing her to eke out a living in the mountains near Furusato Jogakuin. She possesses the unique ability to manipulate the power of methane hydrate.

Age: 17 years old (She is in the same class as Tohoku Zunko.)
Birthday: August 21
Hobbies: Chunibyo Syndrome


Illustration: Ninico Edomura

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