Song Voice Library



Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: F3 to E5
Recommended tempo: 60-180 BPM

While Kizuna AI is sleeping, an AI specializing in singing will serve as a hub connecting everyone and supporting Kizuna AI and creators.

*The vocal output is the same as “CeVIO AI Kizuna AI Original Singeroid “#kzn”” currently in release.






In February 2022, Kizuna AI went on indefinite hiatus to achieve further growth to further connect with everyone in the world.
“kizuna (#kzn)” is an AI specializing in singing born from Kizuna AI's voice.
#kzn (kizuna) will serve as a hub connecting creators and
creators, creators and fans, and creators and technology
while supporting Kizuna AI's goal of “connecting with everyone, and with you.“

Height: 140.4 cm

Guidelines for Secondary Creation

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