Kazamatsuri Asahi
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Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: G3 to E5
Recommended tempo: 70-200 BPM

Kazamatsuri Asahi has a very natural singing voice that matches her personality and her age.
She is the only member in LAUGH DiAMOND that sings without a vibrato, making her voice stand out within the unit.
This also works to strengthen her impression of a modern girl with a warm, energetic voice that is trying her very best.
Up-tempo J-POP, rock, and Vocaloid songs are her specialty.

A characteristic point of LAUGH DiAMOND is that creating unit songs comprised of multiple singers, such as duets and trios are made simple.
Each voice retains its uniqueness and blends into a beautiful unison.
Ver1.x series can be tuned to sing like traditional Vocal Synthesizers, while Ver2.x series can be tuned in coordination with the latest AI technology, resulting in a more natural, human-like voice.

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Kazamatsuri Asahi

(CV: Serina Kumazawa)

Asahi is full of energy, moves before thinking, and generally happy-go-lucky. She is always brimming with positivity and ensures that there's always good vibes, but she is also in search of the "something" that makes her unique.
Asahi puts a great amount of value on whether things are "rock or not" but she doesn't actually know much about rock at all, nor can she play any instruments.

By chance, she makes it into a talent agency and forms a unit, LAUGH DiAMOND, with Hibiki, Momoka, and Kanon.
However, the girls weren't granted their own song and are currently left to their own devices to train in hopes of debuting.
As there's essentially no guidance, the girls attempt a street performance, but...
Their goal is to one day perform many different songs at an official live music club.

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