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Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: B3 to G5
Recommended tempo: 70-130 BPM

"IA" represents the next generation of vocal synthesis, blending crystal-clear tones with overwhelming expressive power, achieved through advanced AI technology. Her expressive singing voice, celebrated for its transparency and clear high-frequency range, can now be rendered even more realistically thanks to cutting-edge AI techniques such as deep learning. She adeptly navigates a diverse repertoire, effortlessly transitioning from high-energy rock numbers to heartfelt ballads and lively dance music. The voice source is Lia, a Grammy award-winning singer known for her contributions to numerous anime and game theme songs.





She embarked on her music career in 2012 as a "virtual artist with a soul." Demonstrating exceptional performance and vocal prowess, she has carved out a distinctive path in the industry. With an impressive track record, IA has held world tours spanning 12 locations and released 9 singles and 8 albums. Renowned figures from the mainstream music scene, such as SUGIZO (LUNA SEA/X Japan), Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO), KOHH, TeddyLoid, and MINMI, contribute to IA's official music. IA's associated videos have amassed over 1 billion views, with the recent hit "Conqueror" surpassing 20 million plays. Radiating advanced innovation and unparalleled individuality, IA stands as a globally acclaimed virtual artist.

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