Ci flower
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Ci Flower

Ci Flower

Language: Japanese
Recommended for vocal range: G3 to E5
Recommended tempo: 90-170 BPM

Introducing "Ci flower," a song library specialized in rock music. "Ci flower" is characterized by a youthful, extending mid-to-high vocal range, and a poignant, fleeting low range imbued with melancholy.
Whether it's intense tracks or heartrending melodies, "Ci flower" sings with a neutral voice, rich in emotion.

* "Ci flower" is an official licensed character of the Gynoid character "flower".



Ci Flower

Ci flower

"Ci flower" is an official spin-off of the popular rock-focused Gynoid character "flower," developed using recordings from the same individual who previously voiced "flower."
The concept revolves around "a new 'flower' existing in a parallel world."
Titled as the "another 'if'" of "flower," this character emerges with a fresh visual image.Inheriting the enduring charm of the beloved vocalist from songs like "Charles" by "Balloon" and "Good-Bye Declaration" by "Chinozo," Ci flower utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to achieve an even more natural singing style.

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