知声 (Chis-A)


VoiSona’s first artist. A magnetic singer with an androgynous voice. 19 years old. Available for anyone to use under a user-friendly license.

Sato Sasara (Sato Sasara)

Sato Sasara

VoiSona’s second artist. Her voice is cute, energetic and bright.

Kirune (Kirune)


VoiSona’s third artist is Kirune. He is singer with the male character voice of Sho Kiryuin, lead singer of visual kei air band Golden Bomber. Kirune’s strong and taut upper register will enchant you.

AiSuu (AiSuu)


VoiSona's fourth artist is AiSuu, a singer with the female character voice of Sumire Yoshida, a.k.a. “Suu”, the lead singer of girl band SILENT SIREN. AiSuu draws you in with her young, cute and powerful voice.

Chis-A [tʃíːseɪ] (Chis-A)

Chis-A [tʃíːseɪ]

Chis-A can now sing in English! Provided as a default singer in VoiSona, Chis-A now has an English song voice library (paid subscription). Chis-A has an alluring, androgynous voice.

#kzn (#kzn)


"kizuna (#kzn)" is an AI specializing in singing born from Kizuna AI's voice.

Yuzuki Yukari Rei (Yuzuki Yukari Rei)

Yuzuki Yukari Rei

"Yuzuki Yukari Rei" is a female singer with a clear and lustrous voice.