Turn your imagination
into a singing voice.

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Free AI Singing Software.

VoiSona AI voice synthesis software realistically reproduces human singing. Developed and refined over many years, its AI technology produces superior synthesized voice quality. Available on both Windows and macOS with VSTi/Audio Units (AU) support, VoiSona is now easier to use and supports the needs of professionals.

VoiSona’s first artist is Chis-A. She is a magnetic singer with an androgynous voice. Chis-A is included in VoiSona’s default voice library under a user-friendly license. You will find her valuable to your creative endeavors.

  • * Click here for terms and conditions.
  • * CeVIO Creative Studio and CeVIO AI exclusive voice libraries cannot be used with VoiSona at this time. Cross-platform support for each voice library is being worked on and considered.

A natural singing voice
that anyone can easily create.

Create vocals with an amazingly natural singing voice simply by adding notes to the piano roll and assigning lyrics. You can achieve vocals immediately by importing your own MIDI files to a DAW or by uploading MusicXML files. Vowel drops and falsettos can be easily reproduced by adding symbols to the lyrics. You can also enter English lyrics as-is.

A singing voice
only you can create.

Complete control of vocal timing

Adjust vocal timing using intuitive controls. Simply shift the starting time line of each phoneme (vowel or consonant) in the lyrics back and forth.

Intuitive freehand control of pitch, volume, vibrato,
voice quality and huskiness

Directly shape the output with freehand manipulation as you view the lines output by AI to make adjustments as you wish.

Control by layering multiple parameters

Overlapping displays of multiple parameters allows the user to adjust values like pitch and vibrato while observing the timing.

Support for DAW
with VSTi and AU.
Create music in your
favorite environment.

VoiSona is available on Windows and macOS.
You can add VoiSona to your DAW as a VSTi plug-in or an Audio Unit (AU) plug-in.
Use VoiSona in your DAW for all processes from inputting score data to adjusting the singing voice to mixing.

VoiSona is also available as a standalone application for use without a DAW.